Case History

Second washer for Clayton, UK

Clayton Glass of Stanley, Co. Durham, recently took delivery of its second Neptun horizontal washer supplied by Flat Glass Solutions. This new addition has been installed to complement the horizontal arrissing table in the toughening department, and was fitted and commissioned in less than two days.

When considering the options to replace the old washer, managing director Ryan Green asked his chief engineer Andrew Janson for his advice: “Buying another Neptun washer is fine with me, as there has not been one problem at all with the one in our North Shields factory, and it’s not often I say that about washers,” Andrew said.

Two weeks after the installation, Ryan said: “I haven’t heard anything at all about the installation or its use afterwards, and that is rare in itself, but it must mean that everything is working exactly as expected.”

“Neptun is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 technology, including fully automatic robots that can pick up a piece of glass, seam all four sides, and place it on another conveyor, for a fully automatic handling and seaming solution,” Flat Glass Solutions said.


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