Four specialized lines, an unsurpassed synergy.

Our offer is complete and covers the entire glass processing chain.
Each machine and system operates individually and effectively but, joined together, they develop a synergy that elevates performance and productivity, guaranteeing far superior results.
Our current range consists of four machine lines:

  • vertical and horizontal washing machines
  • straight line edging machines
  • vertical CNC machining centers for drilling, milling and grinding
  • robotic solutions for glass handling

We dedicate resources  to the development of intelligent solutions that combine high productivity and highly automated systems to make industrial processes increasingly efficient, flexible and economical.

All models are customizable and configurable as needed, with additional modules and are accompanied by particularly detailed manuals. We also supply a series of tools designed specifically for our machines.

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We collaborate with customers every day to solve small and large operational problems. A know-how that has grown over time that allows us to create patents and solutions for various applications.

Intelligent drilling tool control

Enhanced productivity with Intelligence 4.0

High efficiency reduction of energy consumption

Easy automatic wheels adjustment

Kevlar pads
Long lasting kevlar pads for rock conveyor belts

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