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Rock 8

Small in size only

Rock 8, with eight wheels, is the smallest version of the straight-line edger produced by Neptun, but made with the same technical solutions as the larger versions designed for intensive use. It is aimed at companies that, despite not having the need for high production, require a high quality of workmanship over time.

The high-precision mechanics and the extensive use of cast iron which guarantees the absence of vibrations lead the Rock series to higher processing speeds than those of other machines on the market with the same number of spindles.

Rock 8 can perform, with specific tools, also the bevel up to 45 ° with a width up to 10mm.


thanks to the sturdy and powerful structure in cast iron and thick steel

for spindles mounted in cast iron boxes and separate motors

thanks to the patented Kevlar transport carriage and optimal protection from water and processing dust

thanks to the touch screen panel that quickly manages all the functions and settings of the machine, as well as tolerant with all types of grinding wheels

even after many years of use for all the construction features of this model

Technical features

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    High thickness

    Cast iron and high thickness steel structure and components to guarantee sturdiness durability, minimum vibrations and thus high productivity, quality and silent operations.

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    Conveyors slide on rectified steel guides

    The main conveyors slide on rectified steel guides automatically lubricated by a film of oil and adjustable. This system guarantees maximum precision and extended lifetime. Los transportadores principales se desplazan

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    Iron spindles

    Fully cast iron spindles with separated motorization and belt drive transmission, coupled with the structure of the conveyor through solid cast iron boxes. This compact structure ensures minimum vibrations over the whole lifetime of the machine. Automatic adjustment of the front arris according to the glass thickness.

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    Conveyor in Kevlar

    Conveyor pads made of a double patented material; the shell is made of highly mechanically resistant material, designed to grant structural rigidity. The part in contact with the guides is made of wear-resistant and longlasting Kevlar.

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    Coolant system

    Coolant is applied via efficient water manifolds ensuring a precise and abundant supply of water on the bands of the grinding wheels. This system also allows easier cleaning operations and makes it easier to change the tools.

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    Numerical control

    Numerical control with Touch Screen for the automatic adjustment of theremoval, managed by a simple input of the operator. Precise visualization of the absorption of the spindles, management thickness of the processed glass sheets and processing speed, production statistics and diagnostics.

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  • Neptun - Caratteristiche
Model Dim. mm N° wheels Weight kg KW H min mm Thicknessmm Speed m/min Max Weight kg/m Chamfer mm
Rock 8 71550 x 2340 x 1450 8 2900 21 50 3-40 0,5-5 250 10

Type of wheels





Gomma cerio/feltro

Motore con doppia velocità

AWA features

AWA (Authomatic Wheel Adjustment) is Neptun’s patented system for the fully automatic management of both diamond and polishing wheels.

Thanks to its hydraulic regulation principle, it combines simplicity, precision and consequent reliability over time. Traditional solutions use electric motors in areas subject to water and humidity, which in the long run can compromise their operation.

The AWA spindle adjustment and measurement systems are water resistant in IP67 class.

Neptun - AWA
Neptun - ETS

ETS features

Edge To Shape™ is the innovative evolution, conceived by Stefano Bavelloni and patented by Neptun, which allows the straight-line edgers of the Rock series to perform edge processing, with control of the final geometry both in terms of angles and final desired dimensions, also out-of-square.

The sophisticated process consists of scanning the incoming angles by a laser system and adjusting the removal angle by means of specific axes controlled by the powerful CNC. At the same time, the same laser system measures every glass side in real time and the removal angle is consequently adjusted in order to get the desired final dimensions.

According to the production requirements, the operator can choose whether to use the ETS mode or the normal processing cycle.

STANDARD features




water tanks

water tanks and filter for PVB

System with two 700-liter tanks to ensure good cooling with high-flow delivery pump and flow regulators for each spindle. Tubs in non-deformable and easy-to-clean polymeric material. Possibility of additional filter for intensive processing of laminated glass. Here they come

large glass sheets processing

extended racks

Various dimensions of conveyors both in length and in height for processing large glass sheets

polygonal geometries

device for processing polygonal pieces

Practical device that allows the processing of polygonal geometries with angles up to 45 °. With this device the sheets are guided during all the loading, processing and unloading phases


independent entrance conveyor motorization

An ergonomic pedal control allows you to stop and start the entrance to facilitate the loading phase of large or heavy slabs in total safety and without slowing down production

very small pieces

very small parts kit

Possibility of grinding very small pieces, up to 25mm in height, thanks to the optional loading device. The loaders can also be supplied for machines already installed

washer dryer

washing machine on outlet conveyor LV 322-40.

The washer dryer that can be mounted directly on the grinder outlet. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is fully automatic in its adjustment from 3 to 40mm thick

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