Neptun at Vitrum Beyond Ordinary

Neptun takes your production Beyond Ordinary…

Born the difficult economic context of the year 2008 in an already saturated market, Neptun finds its strength in the ability to identify and implement innovations that push machinery beyond traditional limits, to perform new functions or even old ones, but more effectively.

Many know the company for its horizontal and vertical washing machines, spread in over 70 countries and consolidated as the machine of excellence for industrial contexts where nothing can be left at random.

For others, Neptun is the reference point for straight-line edging or mitering, with practically one machine installed per week since 2012: tens of millions of kilometers worked with the most robust conveyor that can be found on the market. In the field of vertical processing, on the other hand, the concept of Quickline has been widely affirmed, for having brought NC milling and drilling to a level of speed and accuracy at least equal to the horizontal NCs, but with unprecedented flexibility and costs accessible to all. Neptun is also Bravoseam, the only robotic system that in addition to the simple manipulation of the glass plates, also performs dry seaming, with no water needed to cool the wheels.

At Vitrum, upon repeated request of the market, the Quick series will be enriched with the module Quick 2.

Quick 2 combines the two drilling and milling phases in a single structure, without sacrificing the main benefits of Quick. So we confirm the extreme precision achieved through the double control of the positioning (drilling with a tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm), the impeccable working quality of the milling process with glass in a fixed position, the fast automatic tool exchange, ease of programming and mechanical simplicity are all standard confirmed features.

Thanks to the Quick 2 module, these benefits are now within the reach even for those who, due to lack of space, cannot opt for the solution with the two separate drilling and milling modules. On the one hand, this allows the process of two glass sheets simultaneously, thus giving practically double production, but on the other hand requires an install length of several meters more.

The Rock edger also comes with a new look: the “AWA” system for the fully automatic management of diamond and polishing wheels, which – thanks to the principle patented by Neptun – combines simplicity, precision and consistent reliability over time. With automatic presetting of the diamond wheels, recipes for managing different combinations of removals according to the processing type or set of wheels used, and an automatic compensation system for the polishing wheels, the operator obtains a fast and safe machine set-up. Easy, indeed, easier to do than to say: come to Vitrum to see how.

Because this is Neptun, going beyond the mandatory quality of the finished product and reliability of the mechanics, going beyond the attention to running costs and ease of use, while drawing inspiration from your daily reality to help you grow.

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