Rock, the perfect combination between tradition and innovation

Rock straight-line edgers are characterized by the traditional sturdy structure in thick steel and cast iron, which in recent years has been lost exclusively for a matter of savings on production costs. However, Neptun is aware of the great advantages of a traditional structure. In fact, the weight and rigidity of the structure prevent the machine bins from bending and guarantee a useful life of several decades. In addition, the resulting absence of vibrations gives silent operation and optimal performance of the tools. The structure of the Rock makes it the heaviest edger on the market,  Rock 11, the edger with eleven wheels, weights 4.5 tons.

In addition to the advantages of tradition, Rock is characterized by several patents that make it an avant-garde edger. Starting with the patented double material conveyor with Kevlar inserts that works on steel guides that are ground and automatically lubricated with oil film, allowing a guarantee of more than 2 million linear meters worked. The ingenious patented RC-4 system with variable speed trolleys allows the work of parallelogram-shaped plates even of large dimensions in complete safety and ease of use. The ETS system for squaring the glass to size, which allows not only to bring the glass squarely to the desired size but also to bring it out of square in a controlled manner. And finally, the AWA (Automatic Wheels Adjustement) system for the fully automatic management of both diamond and polishing tools, in order to guarantee constant quality and to be used even by non-expert operators.

Other features that allow optimal processing are: the two-speed motorization of some polishing spindles that allows the use of different types of wheels according to the quality of polish to be obtained, the electrical cabinet is separate from the control panel and the innovative PLC Touch screen control system allows the automatic management of all the machine functions.
The Rock series thus summarizes the best of the grinding tradition and is inscribed in the history of glass processing, pushing it towards new goals.

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